Fashion Hell – Are We Boys or Are We Men?

The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral

Something has gone excrutiatingly wrong with men’s fashion and clothing. And this wrongheadedness is being poured down the throats of men everywhere. Take a close look at the bag above. Do the contents make vomiting look like an agreeable option? Are any of these accessories in your bag? If so, please find the nearest bridge and jump, quickly. Or, take a look back in time and view the bounty of style that once was and still is, true American style – Trad style.

Charles Bixx is about eternal style, not fashion. Clothing (30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s are all good starting points), furniture, accessories, grooming, and lifestyle. Enjoy.

Metrosexuals, hipsters, trendsetters, and the athletically challenged, need not apply. Welcome to American Trad. Welcome to Charles Bixx.


4 responses to “Fashion Hell – Are We Boys or Are We Men?

  1. drinkinanddronin

    Fantastic. Looking forward to future articles.

  2. what if you’re a trendsetter but not athletically challenged?

    what to do ; )

  3. I’m not usually into fashion but you have an excellent point with visuials to back it up.

  4. you know fashion is really imporatant when you think about it, it reflects who we are and what society we live in. I think there needs to be a return to the days when everybody wears suits and sportcoats.

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