Camping, Trad Style

We Don't Need No Stinkin' North Face Tents

North Face Not Allowed

There was a time, not long ago, when men knew that camping meant, ‘roughing it’…

Now, camping is what you do outdoors with all your new expensive high tech camping gear to separate you, as much as possible, from the gritty beautful outdoors.  So leave the North Face mono/poly/insert-other-high-tech-camping-phrase, at home. Grab a wall tent (vintage or replication), your Rugby buddies, or closest friends and head out to the forest for a little camping. A camping trip is not meant  to be an edited sensory experience. You’re supposed to get a little wet, burn a little food, hassle with the tent (stakes included). Uh roughing it. Hello? Men? We’ve been too pampered, too coddled. Leave your coddled buddies at home (if you have any) and do a little fishing, take a little hike, play a little poker by the light of the lamp. Rough it. And please leave those little tents, you know, the ones where you unpack a little bag and throw the tent in the air with the expectation that it will hit the ground in perfect tent formation. Leave that untradly crap at home. Make Teddy Roosevelt proud. Enjoy the great outdoors – Trad style.

And Don’t Forget:

Gwalty Gear Big Backpack

Gwalty Gear Big Backpack

Alden Work Boot

Alden Work Boot

Rogues Gallery Sailing Time Sweater

Rogues Gallery Sailing Time Sweater

and of course, a vintage wall tent:

Vintage Wall Tent Replication

Vintage Wall Tent Replication


3 responses to “Camping, Trad Style

  1. rogues gallery sailing time sweater.

    great looking.

  2. Paul Bunyan. Swoon!

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